Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another year rolls by...

Well, well, well. It seems I've been a neglectful blogger, and I'm finding myself drawn to return to share my current journey here.
I'm into my second year of my nursing degree, half way through my third semester. I'm loving it. Really I am. I didn't ever think that nursing was something that would appeal to me nearly half as much as it does, and I'm looking forward to my first prac rotation this semester. I have two med/surg rotations to look forward to, and whilst to a future midwife that might seem like a contradiction in interests, I find the area of nursing interesting enough in it's own right, and surgical nursing is really starting to appeal. Quel surprise.
The children grow as children do. We've had some ups and downs this year, nothing drastic though and it's more like riding a slightly choppy sea than a major storm.
Lochlain is now wearing glasses for a severe sight problem, and no longer seeing the palate/jaw team at the children's hospital. He's moved into pre-primary with the language school and has made a fantastic transition to full time schooling. New friends, old friends and a kid who just takes it all in his stride.
Will is cruising along in school, never misses a beat. He's really opened up this year and become heaps of fun to be around. He loves to experiment and try out loads of things. He's still very much a natural learner, and is exploring the world of 'planning' and spends his days 'planning' which fits so well with his need for control on the minute level.
Tristan is bored without his brothers home during the day, and whilst Rhiannon has become a fantastic playmate, she's not quite compliant enough for Tristan to get his way every time and that challenges him. They play, they fight, they play, they fight.... and then they eat, they fight, they play, they eat.... you get the idea.
Andrew has begun his post graduate diploma of education this year. He's studying externally, online via a university in Victoria so that I can finish my degree.
The biggest changes really this year have come from me, for me. I am working on my health as much as I can. I've addressed my overweighted-ness and have vowed to continue to make myself the priority for me this year. I've just this week had my gallbladder removed and while I am in recovery from the laproscopic surgery I am focusing on the family foods. I can't exercise at the moment, so I have to maintain my focus in other ways.
I've been running the Couch to 5km program  and a day shy of the 5th week. It's taken me 8 weeks to get there because I was so unfit in the beginning. It started with me not even being able to jog for 30 seconds. Now I am up to jogging for 5 minutes at a time.
I've been doing a weights training program up to four times per week as well, and adding in bike riding and other incidental exercise where I can. I feel fitter now than I have in the last 8 years. I am still overweight. Massively so, but I am working on all the facets of long term weight loss, not just stepping on scales and berating myself.
So I'm playing. And I'm living. Right now I'm recuperating. My life is changing before my eyes. I'm re-entering the world of grown ups, away from the hazy baby days of newborns, naps, and nights that go forever to dawns.
I vow to return to blogging more frequently this year. I'll make it part of the 'new dawn'. It's a new day. And I'm feeling good.

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