Sunday, May 23, 2010

A May Musing

I haven't updated here since I started uni, and I do apologise but I have seriously just been too freakin' busy. I don't feel like I've come up for air in the last 4 months, and until I see the backside of these exams, I don't think that feeling's going to change.
I was catching up on a friend's blog today (hillsdweller) and just the pace of her blogging with the crafty bits and the foody bits and oh my I just wish I'd had the time recently to get into that. Sadly, I've just been going a million miles an hour and feeling like I've missed huge chunks of the past months, and it's all because I wanted it that way.
The course is awesome though and I am really loving it and I'm actually doing pretty well at the moment. I've got about an 84% course average, which isn't too shabby I don't think.
I feel like I've finally got my teeth sunk into something that's good for me, and good for helping me help others. It's what I should have done all along, but somewhere down the line I got the idea that I was no good at 'sciencey' stuff, turns out that's a load of codswallop and I am nailing it, total surprise for me!
As for the day to day bits and pieces -
I'll start with today and work backwards and forwards at once, I know that won't suit everyone, but meh. You get that.

Today was the caveman's (aka Husband) birthday. It's the 10th birthday of his we've shared together. And like most of them it involved no gifts, cards or the like. Mostly because I am lazy, and partly because he doesn't like that kind of thing. Total win for me, no stress.
I took the two little boys, Lochie and Tristan, to the WCE v St Kilda game at Subiaco in the afternoon, but we left early because it was just too cold and uncomfortable for them and they weren't really into being there when they realised I wasn't going to be buying them a tonne of junk food to eat. Ah well. We got to have a birthday dinner with their grandad because it's his birthday too, so they got cake anyway, not a total failure of a day.

William starts swimming lessons through school tomorrow and I am a little peeved that his school pulled the 'middle of winter' straw again for the second year in a row (that I know of). Last year he ended up with bronchialitis by the end of it, and I am seriously hoping that it doesn't happen again this year. He hasn't had croup yet so far, so I am pegging my hopes on a shift in his immune system/constitution that's meant less respitory issues will eventuate this year. Touching wood. A girl can hope, right?

Aside from this, I am going to have leave this post with a small photo update of the other muppets. I have run out of time and am being summoned...

A brief catch up xxx.

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