Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Pictorial Update

Rhiannon is here and she's slotted right into the chaotic house of 6. She's happy to just hang out with mama, and spends 99.9% of her day in arms. Her brothers adore her and spend far too much time hassling me to get cuddles with her.
William had a go at Auskick, he made it to one game... he's just not that into it. We figure he'll let us know when he's ready, if ever, and for now he's preferring to concentrate on being a scientist.
Lochlain is crusing along, he's 4 this month and is an absolute treasure of a big brother to Rhiannon and Tristan. Such a gentle soul.
Tristan, the little bully boofhead. He's small, but he's dynamite this one. You can't turn your back on him for a minute, careful now - he's out to destroy the world.
I'm a busy mama of four these days... so I hope this tides you over for a bit.
Love to all and merry Winter days.
x B

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