Saturday, September 6, 2008

Yawn - late night babble

It's been so long since I've really updated, it's late night here and I am pretty tired, but I'll give a brief run down of the last couple of months here. Today is the state election here, I did my bit and voted with all three kids hanging off me screaming. Was most fun. Was even more fun when Will nearly headbutted the Christian Democrats woman for trying to hand him a 'how to vote' sheet. Stifling the giggle was hard, she was asking for it. Kate and Ava stopped by for a night sometime back in July. Was great for the boys to spend time with their cousin, we don't get to see enough of her (are you reading this Kate?? Move closer would you!!). I changed jobs in June, still with the same agency, just a different portfolio, and I am now in town and working 2 days a week. It's a good seachange kind of thing. I like the work that I do, it's something that challenges me. I have to admit I am still learning about how to keep the domestic/career balance though and some days I do feel like either one or the other is weighing too heavily on the other. It is a shift that will allow for further flexibility in the future though, especially with being more selective about what days I work, and my hours are flexi, so the morning rush is relatively stress free without having a set start time. It's nice to know that the earlier I start the earlier I finish too! July came to a close with Tristan and Lochlain's birthdays. Sadly, Lochlain was really very unwell, and we didn't do much celebrating. Andrew's mum and dad left for overseas the day before, and I took him to the St Kilda vs West Coast footy game, he was pretty over it before half time so we trekked home on the train together. Big Brooke had Tristan and Will for a few hours so that Lolo and I could have some time together at the footy. Loch was sick for about 2 weeks with a nasty fever/rash/burst blood vessels in eyes thing, and then his skin started peeling. He's battled through it though. Was a bit scary for a while. Once he come good we had a good run of long days at the park and the beach, and the sun shone on for us, bringing us out of the depths of the winter blues. Tristan has discovered the most giant sandpit in the world, the beach. He's in love with it. Will is becoming more brave with the waves, and spends enough time in the water even when it's freezing that even I want to turn blue. Lochlain isn't too sure on the surf just yet, but he's keen to give it a go. Not bad for a kid who wouldn't walk on sand once upon a time. Mum stopped by in August a couple of times, she stayed here for a night. Was nice. We went out for dinner, and she came along to Will's kindy for drop off and he got to show her his special place. We went out for brekky at the marina and enjoyed coffee and laughs, it was really nice to just have a relaxed moment with mum, sometimes it feels like we miss out on the placid moments with each other. Crisis/illness/drama has no place in my life right now, and it was nice to just hang out with my mama. Tony was over east visiting his parents, so I got to selfishly have her all to myself. An overnight stay in Mandurah with Vic and the kids while Dad was away in Hedland was fantastic. The kids had a blast, and I enjoyed seeing them get dirty again, going home and putting their feet on the ground. It doesn't hurt that Vic always spoils me rotten with bloody good food! Mmmm green curry mmmmmmmmm *drool*. Lochlain hung off Rose the whole time we were there, wanting to do everything with her. Michael and Will play great together, they're both at an age now where they don't clash as much over who owns what, or who uses what, or the whole turn taking crap. It was great to see them just being mates. I am recovered (well 95%) from the most awful flu I have had in years. I spent nearly 2 weeks on the couch in the end. A good week of that saw me wishing I was dead. Throat made of razor blades, chills, shakes, aches, cramps, headaches, and just that general 'kill me now' sentiment. Bloody horrid. I am still fighting a lingering sinus infection, but I would take that any day over what I've just been through. With all the coughing that I did however, I have come to realise that I still have a pretty ace pelvic floor ;), who'd have thought it! In amongst sick kids, sick mama, changing jobs and having people drop by to stay, we've all managed to stay pretty sane. Andrew hasn't come up for air yet with work, but is looking forward to father's day tomorrow and spending some time with his dad and his boys. I dare say they'll go to Yanchep for a bit. I will try and get some photos loaded up soon, but as it is, I am just too tired tonight. I am going to hit the hay and snuggle my *not baby* Twistie. He smells so good. He'll feed and doze with me all night, and we'll be woken in the morning by two little men climbing in next to me to wake up their Twistie baby. *YAWN* Night night all.... stay safe, stay sane. x B

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