Sunday, September 7, 2008

Celebrations of Dad

This is my Dad. This photo was taken the week he became a Poppy. He became a dad nearly 25 years ago now.
Being my dad, we've had our moments. I am shamelessly known as a Daddy's Girl, but I have become my own woman in more recent years. He's home for the week, and spent Father's day with his youngest kids, and I felt a pang of jealousy, I think it's because I haven't seen him since January. No doubt when we do catch up we'll argue, and bicker, and laugh, and poke fun at each other, I'll mention his trucker gut, and he'll mention my arse. Grumpy bear, that's my Da. My own husband, he's celebrating Father's Day with his own father, and has taken the two big lads camping. They've gone to Yanchep (as I'd guessed they would). Tents, torches, and the new OOT (ute). Uncle Simon has joined them, with Taffleen. Grandad looked excited at the chance to get the boys out in the bush again, I bet they're having an absolute blast. How could time away with this bloke be anything but? It's last days for Fleen as an only child. Col is booked to have her baby this Tuesday, and I am guessing she's using this last moment of peace to catch her breath before the newborn crazy days. Dad's don't understand it, but they know it means something to us to be left in calm before the storm. So a day for Dads. Happy Father's Day you lot. From me and the boys.

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