Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Winter Warmer

Our dude Lolo. Again with the tattooing himself. He is being a Wiggle in this photo (note the daggy skivvy). He turns 3 next month, and his vocabulary has just exploded. We are now getting 2 words strung together, and he's using far less gestures now, relying more and more on speech to communicate which is just AWESOME! He is still really hard to understand, but Andrew and I get what he's on about most of the time. He loves to sing, hums away most of the day. It's so cute. Little man Twistie, isn't he getting so big? Here he sports a lovely pair of handmade knitted legwarmers from the lovely April in Warnambool. Thanks wonderwoman!! He's got 4 teeth (cos that's important ya know), and is still cruising the furniture, not quite game enough to venture out walking on his own yet. He won't be far off though.
Willum was so excited about his new pink slippers with the sparkly butterflies! His pink brolly makes the perfect accessory for this season. Pink is his favourite colour, in case you couldn't tell.
He is loving Kindy and keeps telling me that when he turns 5 he'll get his hair cut and then have Christmas and then go to Pre-Primary. He's got his life mapped out, haha!
I am going to take them to Mum's in the next school holidays. Spend a few days up there, enjoy the break from the city traffic.
We have a couple of birthdays to prepare for, and I think we are planning a BBQ for Tristan and a morning at AQWA for Lochlain. We'll see how it all goes though, as Andrew can't take time off work, so everything needs to happen on a Sunday.
Heading down to Dad's this weekend to pick up a new car. I will post pics of it when I get it!!
Right, off to stop them from killing each other.
Deep breath. xxxOOOxxx

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April - Vaginas, they're not just painted on! said...

Naw such cuties!! Look a lot like their mum huh ;)

Super stoked to see a pic of the warmers in action :D