Tuesday, May 6, 2008

To The Detached Parents...

I spy you, 'cross the room,
in a park or a shop,
perhaps a couple in daycare
or this your first shot.
Your baby - a sad face
staring out of the pram,
with a mouth full of plastic,
in blue or pink glam.
When babe starts to cry,
you rock pram back and forth.
Pick it up? I must not!
What would that enforce?
From bottle: the modified milk
of a beast.
Food - fresh from jars
complimenting the feast.
Baby is lucky to be held
while downing this gruel.
Much easier to prop -
there is shopping to do.
"My baby is on a schedule!"
is your famous line,
and so baby cries
until the "right time".
Against nature is this
the most terrible crime.
Now you have a child
of about two,
stuck behind bars and
enclosed in a zoo.
Child tied to your wrist,
you might go for a walk,
never let them explore
but always prompt them to talk.
By now babe has advanced
to crying it out.
Never answer their needs,
just make them shout.
Shout and scream
til they vomit; then sleep.
Exhausted, deflated
and spiritually weak.
For you must break that child,
their will and their might,
to establish control
and that you're always right.
All the while you ply them,
ply them with stuff.
Fill it up to the rafters 'til they
can't get enough.
For things must replace you -
too bad if that's rough.
Institution and poor care,
cause issues with health,
so you give them some medicine,
you bought from the shelf.
Then away they go again,
all symptoms masked.
And you can go on with
your other tasks.
I'm sure you weren't always
a bitch to your kid.
Maybe once you believed
(as I thought I did),
that others knew best
about what to do.
The difference between us is:
you bought while I grew.
Because parenting does not
come from a book,
(though sometimes they're
handy for an alternative look).
Discipline should not come from our parents
you know,
who screwed us up in the first place,
when it was their go.
You do not need to prove who
is running the show.
Care does not come from the
experts and clinics,
it comes from the heart
and delving deep in it.
Love comes from support,
a caring community around.
A partner with feet planted
firmly in ground.
And the women, and families,
that came before us,
who adapted to children
and knew just to trust.
Although sometimes we wander,
from what we know best,
we try, we move forward,
and that is the test.
In the hopes that our kids
while walking their path,
will see beauty and kindness
and have love in their heart.
Deep down they will know
that they belong,
As parents they'll improve,
naturally know what is wrong.
And that is the way that our
Earth will live on.
----------Copyright 2008 Melissa Baker

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Busy Woman said...

That is a truly wonderful expression of a position that many of us shre but are unable to verbalise so well.
It is really powerful. Thank you for sharing.