Saturday, May 10, 2008

May... Mayhem... My Men!

Well, it's MAY!! A month of birthdays.
Hippy bathday to Travis, Rose, Ron, Jackie, Andrew Uncle David, Aunty Maxine (R.I.P.) and anyone else I haven't thought to mention because it's late at night!
It's now term 2 of kindy, and for the two whole weeks that Will was on holidays he was adamant that I was deliberately keeping him from his precious kindy as some kind of obscure torture. He was in real pain, desperately in need of a kindy fix by the time term 2 started. He had a playdate with the kindy kids in the holidays, to satisfy his aching belly, but as it turned out, that same day was the beginning of a couple of rough weeks of illness in this house.
Lochlain and Tristan both got, at the same time, conjunctivitis, sinusitis, otitis media, tonsilitis and Tristan copped bronchialitis on top of that... so it's safe to say they have some upper respiratory immunity issues. Lochlain was really ill with it, his body does not cope with fever very productively and as much as I am one to let a fever rage if it needs to, sometimes you just have to intervene and say "Nah, this is a bit uncool". He has some drama with taking oral medication and the suppository options I had on hand were out of date, so it became a late night sojourn in the ED just to get some respite for him from his fever and get some fluids into him.
Will copped a bit of gastro, and so did I, but I am putting that down to dodgy food court chinese we'd snacked on in the city the day before. How embarassing, you know it's crap when you eat it, and you suffer for you sin that's for sure!
So it took about 2 weeks before the boys got right, Tristan still has a nasty lingering cough, but he seems well enough otherwise. Andrew and his dad both copped sore throats for a week or so, and they suffered with the dreaded 'man cold'. You know the one, it's about 3000 times stronger than the cold any woman or child gets. It must be, because the whinging that comes with it is 3000 times more annoying, I can assure you.
Managed to catch up with Mum and Tony last week... had a great quick lunch at the marina and a play in the sand. It was a lovely warm, humid day on the beach. The kids had a blast and it got me out of a funk after being stuck in the house with sickies for so long.
Last month I had some friends pop out some sproglets, so I am wanting to give a shout out to some beautiful babies... Jarrah, Nadia, Wiremu and Leo... all spunks, all born within 3 weeks of each other... 3 at home in water as planned... and wee Jarrah bought into this world a bit before his time but his mama birthed awesomely and he looks just as rockin' as the rest of the brood.
I finally caught up with their mamas yesterday, and got to sniff some newborn heads. Had a little cluck and quickly regained my senses. Googling hyperemeis is the best way to remind myself of my plan to have no more babies. Ick.
Will and Lochie went to watch the WAFL today... it's their normal footy season fun, WAFL on the weekends that the WCE don't have a home game, if we can help it and the weather is fine. They get all dolled up with their footy jumpers, and take their swannies ball out for a kick at half time with Grandad.
Tristan and I used the opportunity today to strip some more of the wallpaper border and run errands. Not fun, but productive, I grabbed some cheap wool and some seeds... I put calendula in the front garden along the fence, see how they go. I am not particularly known for my green thumb.
I am enrolling in a couple of Nursing units for next semester, just to keep the old brain ticking along, and to move a step closer to my midwifery qualification. It really still depends on Andrew's work stuff though... he's applied for a couple of jobs here and there, and if something good comes up, it's another 'wait and see' moment for me.
Anyhoo, here is some photos of the boys. Well the ones who sit still long enough to get shots taken.
Yes, that is Lochlain in the background cleaning the tiles with MY toothbrush. Little bugger. We have some photographers living here. They love to take pictures of each other and of Tristan and even Lochlain has taken to setting up shots, the same way Will does. I love going through some of the pictures they've taken that I haven't been aware of. It's awesome to be able see thier day through their eyes.

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mummabare said...

georgous photos lovely!

Hope your feeling better...missed you at our workshop...will let you know when I organise another one.

Rest up doll!