Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Ted

Andrew celebrated his birthday last night. We had delicious Thai take out (a massive splurge for us) and I had a cake for him, a gorgeous vanilla sponge that he likes.
We had dinner with his mate (Will's Kindy teacher) and he put together his new office chair.
I can't believe how old he is now. Old, old, old. 30 Just seems so far away for me, but knowing that he was younger than what I am now when we got together and that feels like yesterday, means that 30 really is closer than I want to believe.
I have been asked, through my capacity as a coregroup member of Birthrites to help out at the local uni next week, on Tuesday. I am sitting on a panel of examiners for the Post Graduate Midwifery students, part of their examination is short interviews on specific topics, and it's a pass/fail exercise. I am the consumer voice on the panel and I get to ask them questions relating to certain topics... I have to admit I am a little bit chuffed at this opportunity.
It's an all day ordeal though, so it's a day without the boys... but they cope well enough when I am at work, so I am sure they'll survive.
In other news, Will is recovering from yet another bout of croup. He's had to take a day off daycare and a day off Kindy. He was pretty unwell with it this time around, but like always, he's bounced back straight away. Not much down time for a kid on a mission.
I have enrolled in a full time load of units for a BSc (Nursing) degree for next semester. I am really excited now. Not nervous at all. Andrew started a new job three days ago, and the increase in pay that he gets means that I can really take time off working and just study to get myself headed in the right direction. It works out that the boys don't have to be in care for any more time than what they already are, which was a major concern for me, but it's turned out fantastically. I just need to sort out a couple of hours care on a Friday and we're sweet. I am allowing myself to be stoked about all this study and life plan stuff now. Now that I can see it's achievable and not going to be interrupted by me having any more children. Because that's NOT going to happen, thank you very much.
Apparently next year ECU are offering Nursing and Midwifery as a double degree, rather than a direct entry midwifery degree without the Nursing qualification as Curtin have done. I am going to look at applying, and moving across to completing the double qualification if I can.
Right... off to play trains with Will... and then to the beach for a rockpool walk.
Ciao x B


mummabare said...

tag your it :P

good luck with your studies!!!

klmcanada said...

Brooke I stumbled on your website via Lisa Barretts blog pages. Enjoyed reading about homebirths, parents and midwifery in SA. I was wondering if you would email me as I am studying finishing up some Midwifery studies in via Correspondance thru the USA. I am encouraged to read about homebirth in SA. Please contact me if you have any moments left in your day at some point. or anyone else who can give me information about homebirth and midwives and obtaining an education/practicum in SA.
I am going to happily read and be encouraged thru all of your posts over here on the otherside of the ocean. Keep well. K