Saturday, April 12, 2008

Weekend Waffle

Thought it was about time I did another photo update. We had a mishap with our camera (again) so I have just lost another 3 months worth of photos because of a stupid memory card error, and I couldn't find the data cable to transfer all of them off the camera. BUGGER!
So anyway, Andrew won a new camera at work, so I have been testing it out to see if I like it any better, and here is the results. I don't think it works as nicely as my previous camera (the Canon Ixus 75), but this one is water and shock proof, (Olympus u790SW). Having these boys of mine, I like the safety aspect of that. I will have a bit more of a play with it and see if I can get a better picture... but for now here's a few of the crew.

A cute pic of Daddy and Twistie having a tickle. Mr T is chewing on his hands a fair bit, teeth coming in now. He's got two beautiful pegs on his bottom gum, and they've not been much of a drama coming through really.

Mr Lolo. We've got some great words happening at the moment. Plane and rain, wait and the best one yet... He can count to 5!!! It comes out UN, OO, EE, OR, EYE. He is really loving his one day a week at daycare. He gets to spend time in the room that Will is in, and then he has some time in the Big Toddlers room, and then Will comes to join him in the afternoon, so he is always allowed to have access to his big brother as a security blanket, but Will is also allowed to have time away from Lochlain to play with the bigger kids. We have to be really mindful of not expecting Will to take on a carer role for Lochlain, which he is so far inclined to do, not that it's not healthy for Lochlain to have Will watching over him, but that level of responsibility at four years old is far too much for Will to take on board. I have spoken with his carers and they are agreeing that it's ok to seperate them for Will's sake when he needs his space. Lochlain is still held and looked after, and he is coping well. And after all, it's about 8 hours a week, so it's not entirely dire.
I can't get any photos of Will, he runs away from the camera. Shy monkey that one! He is on a playdate today with Big Brooke's Tully, his best mate. He took his tool bag with some extra toys, and they'll be back later this afternoon. He was revved up and ready to go though as soon as he knew there was a chance of hanging out with Tully! Off to feed the T man... Lochie is asleep on the couch covered in hand drawn tattoos... Have a great week people!

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