Sunday, April 13, 2008

Equality Wheel

Healthy Partners: Healthy Relationships
What makes a relationship healthy?
Two people who value and respect each other are a good start. Here are some characteristics you may want to consider in a potential boyfriend or girlfriend. He or she:

Supports your relationships with friends and family members.

He or she spends time with your friends and familyto get to know them yet will at the same time gives you space to spend time with them alone.

Maintains his or her own friendships and wants you to get to know his or her friends.

Continues his or her own interests in outside activities, such as sports, clubs, groups, jobs or hobbies.

Asks your opinion and respectfully listens to your answers.

Is comfortable with you having different opinions from him or her, does not take it as a personal insult if you disagree with them.

Cultivates a safe atmosphere where you can share your thoughts, feelings and emotions with Accepts responsibility for his or her own behavior, thoughts or feelings.

Apologizes when he or she is wrong, and accepts your apologies when you are wrong.

Considers your relationship a partnership.

Shares decision-making.

Expects both partners to control their own money.

Does not use manipulation (financial, emotional, etc) to get what he or she wants.

Treats other people as well as himself or herself with respect.

Is supportive of your friendships with people of the opposite sex, does not get jealous or possessive.

Trusts you and is trustworthy.

Encourages you in your goals and dreams.

Makes positive statement about your strengths and achievements.

Is complementary; does not criticize the way you look or dress.

Is someone who you feel safe with.

Resolves conflicts through clear dialogue without using insults, threats or violence.

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