Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Drawing For Winter Approaching....

Just want to show you all what I am currently working on for the Winter JOY cover.
It's still got a way to go before it's finished, but I am liking where it is going. The best thing about freehand drawing is that you just get to go with the flow of the pen. As it marks the paper it cuts it's own path and guides your hand. You really have no control over it.
The colour version will be the final edit I am hoping. Although I really like the black and white, I may do a full Black and White crisp version for my own wall.
I really need some canvas and new brushes desperately. And I would kill for some watercolours.
I feel my 'inner self' poking out through some cracks in this work.
So here's the halfway done piece.


mummabare said...

Oh I just love it.... truely I do....can I post it on my blog with a link?

I can see you in this too...isnt this weather just georgous...Ive been going stupid with the colors of this season...its just so fresh, woody and inspiring.

Hope you and the boys are well!!


I am Brooke... said...

Yeah babe link away :).

The weather is just insane, I admit to totally NOT being a winter fan at all. I already miss summer. *sniff*.

I have to say, your most recent creation had an affect on me, it was just what I needed to kick me up the arse and finish this off.

I am exploring with the colours of the season a bit, and I am not sure that the final product will be a full colour version....


mummabare said...

We need to book a day together to some art :D

I got water colors *winks*


Lisa Barrett said...

love it Brooke can't wait to see the finished article.