Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Beautiful Belly Cast

What better way of immortalising the stunning beauty of a baby belly? This was done for me at about 38 weeks when pregnant with Tristan. It was done at a gestation I never expected to reach, but knew fully well that from that point on, my baby was most definitely going to be full term. I was in a really wicked space this day, surrounded by awesome, loving, genuine women who were so in to sharing my journey with me. The honoured me and my pregnant self, lathering me before applying the cool plaster. Smoothing the creases of the cast. Holding it as it dried and watching a piece of art come to life. I wish every pregnant woman had the opportunity to really experience something as awesome as being casted when pregnant. Looking back on our bodies in their pregnant form really forces one to comprehend the massive changes we undertake as women in growing a baby.


Dark Daughta said...

It is a beautiful cast. Thanks for sharing. I had mine done just before I started contractions...not purposeful, it just worked out that way. I sat there being covered in plaster bandages while I felt the first stirrings. It was exciting and somehow right. When I saw yours I remembered. :)

mummabare said...

its just beautiful B.

Are you going to paint it :)

I am Brooke... said...

Yeah K. Well I am hoping to paint it, it needs to be reinforced still, and is in a JBers shed ;-).

When I find the time, and the inclination it will become a masterpiece.