Saturday, January 5, 2008

Long Live Babies

Can you spot me? I am "another HBAC" in case you don't recognise me. 2008 - The Year of Homebirth Awareness

Friday, January 4, 2008

Super Quick Photo Update

I lost the cable for the camera for a couple of weeks, but after cleaning out the linen closet I have found it. So what better way to celebrate than upload some pictures of my scrummy muffins??!!
Tristan is now 5 months old, rolling and chasing the boys around the room, but happy to not crawl yet, thank goodness. He is still living on just breastmilk, proving yet again that I make full cream milk ;-).
I haven't had him weighed and measured in a long time, not sure that I will bother any more, as it's more to do with gloating than concern over his food intake that would compel me to weigh him. He looks pretty darn healthy to me!
We spent a couple of days before Christmas down at Dad's, camping in the backyard. Yep, camping for real! The boys loved it, tent life is the best. Haha. We left Christmas morning to come back up for a lunch with Andrew's family, and so Nanna and Grandad could meet Tristan. We had a great day, but Andrew had to work in the afternoon.
Boxing day, was bloody hot. 44 degrees or something ridiculous. We just swam and lived in the air conditioning.
The last couple of weeks haven't been any different really, loads of swimming, eating cold fruit and living in air con. Mid December saw me have some car dramas, so for now I am glad to be able to trust my car again, but finding I am less and less inclined to drive very far in the heat for fear of being stranded somewhere! Ha. Will starts kindy in 4 or 5 weeks time, he is so excited. In early December he got a letter from his teacher, telling him how much fun they are going to have next year, playing with playdough and building with blocks. She also reminded him to bring his hat and his water bottle and a piece of fruit to share. He thought it was a fantastic thing to recieve in the mail! It made him really excited.
He has really taken to photography of late, he loves setting up shots and taking photos of things that interest him. I will post a little sneak peak at some of the stuff he captures. I am going to make a photo book for him of all the stuff he creates, he is really into it. It's brilliant. He is also really into cutting with scissors too, so depending on his co-operation level we may even be able to make a photo collage together, see how it goes. Here is a shot he did not long ago:
Lochlain had another speech pathology assessment and has been diagnosed with Verbal Dyspraxia. We now have a name for what is going on with him, and as much as it is a label, it is a label that can enable us to get so much more help for him. You can find out more here: Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia. He goes back to the speech path next week, we have been giving some OT exercises to do with him, to encourage sensory awareness in his mouth, and he is on the waiting list for the Language Development Centre where he will go to a special kind of kindy aimed at helping kids with just Language Development issues, it is not a school for intellectually disabled, as that's not what he is, he has a motor problem. We should find out soon when that all starts.

Andrew goes back to uni in March, his final year! Hooray! I cannot wait (nor can he) for this year to be over so that he can finally get out in to the workforce again full time. He has taken on extra hours over this uni break in his current job. But knowing that he is so much closer to being qualified just makes the prospect of ATP and FTP so much easier to bear.
For me, well I didn't get in to the BMid, but I wasn't expecting to. Two of my friends have had interviews for the same course, so I really hope they get through. I will have to go back and do Nursing instead now, and will probably just do it part time this semester, 2 units, as I have to go back to work next week. Yep, even though I quit. I had applied for the permanent position, having previously only been a contractor, so now I go back as a permanent employee which does allow me certain freedoms. And besides that, it's really easy money.
I am going to Adelaide in Feb for 5 days, to see Nan and the family. Can't wait! Will post loads of pics of Nan meeting Tristan.
Oh and I cut all my hair off, did I tell you? See the pic over to right and down a bit... yup, short and brown. What??!?!
Well then, my boys are all sleeping and I am off to join them. Hope you all had a great festive season. We did, but I am glad of the years break before we have to do it all again!
Love and light.
Peace out.
x B