Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Major Milestone for Lochlain

We have reached a new milestone with Lochlain, I am so happy I just have to tell you all about it!!

He is stringing two words together!

Now that might not sound like much, but for us it is HUGE!

He still can not form words properly at all. But tonight whilst eat dinner he clearly told me "OT ot", meaning "NOT HOT" as he was holding his hand over his forkful of pasta, now I know this because he then said to me when I asked where Grandad was "OT OHM" meaning "NOT HOME" making a shoulder shrug gesture.

This is fantastic, and far more than we expected at this stage, seeing as he hasn't even started his effective therapy yet, we have only done the parent ed sessions and done some home learning with him. Andrew and I have made much more of an effort to encourage his language development and we can finally see it paying off. We are getting somewhere!!! He is almost 2.5 and still can't be understood by anyone other than Andrew or I, and even then it's mostly just guessing with his use of gestures.

His gestures have become more pronounced and more recognisable, and he is using his substitute word ("ESZ") for everything that he can't say or communicate. But getting two clear words in a row is just freaking awesome. We did a little happy dance with him and we sang songs and had big cuddles while we practiced his two words.My special little guy is coming along great!!

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