Friday, November 16, 2007

Update Time: Pure Chaos

Phwoar. Time to sit down and just chill out for a bit I think. Even having a glass (read 'bottle') of wine this evening, just in an attempt to slow my brain down.
I feel like we have just been propelled into space these last few weeks. Hardly a moment to breathe.
We took a trip to Port Denison at the beginning of the month for Ava's first birthday. We stayed in the most amazing spot, just north of the marina right on the beach. This was our view from the porch.
It was a very hot, incredibly fly blown trip away. Tristan was overly keen on being away from his own bed, despite having a bed with mama all to himself. William and Lochlain loved spending time on the beach and hanging out at Aunty Kate's house, but because of Andrew's uni commitments we had to come home a day early so he could submit an assignment.
Here is the birthday girl showing us how brilliant a day she is having. It was great to see so many kids having fun and it was such a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere that I was tempted to just nap on the couch while the party went on without me haha. Isn't she gorgeous??!!
Upon our return home we had a week of busy-ness thrust upon us. I had a gathering to attend at a friend's house before she birthed her baby, we had William's birthday/bbq to organise and all the other in between stuff that we, as mums, do.
Will's birthday was fantastic. We had playgroup friends over for a bbq lunch and there was a giant spread of fruit and salads and platters. I was really chuffed with what I had put out in such a short time. Will loved playing with all his friends, and Andrew set up the tent in the yard for them to play in for shade. It was an afternoon of fun and we really loved having a perfect sunny day to honour our big boy turning 4.
Will had a trip to Yanchep to see great nanna and great grandad with grandma and grandad on the Friday as we were supposed to be taking Lochlain to his speech pathologist, but she cancelled on me, so instead we spent the day shopping with just two boys!
Saturday we drove out to the hills sans Andrew, he was at work. We caught up with two of my doulas, and sat in the sunshine eating fruit and raw vegan pie, it was amazing, made by the bloody jill of all trades, Megan. She even made topdeck style raw vegan chocolate. It was an awesome day just hanging out, letting the kids splash in the paddling pool and chilling out with some funky mamas.
We had Aunty Jackie over for a bbq that night, and we just seemed to be on a good food roll. The night was so balmy and calm, and the boys played play do on the patio until the sun was well down.
We swam the next day at Aunty Jackie and Uncle Glenn's, then came home and all had an afternoon siesta. Sadly I fell asleep with my glasses on AGAIN and woke up to a broken pair of specs, AGAIN. 'Twas my own fault though, and I really should have learned by now.
So Monday was interrupted by having to take them to be repaired, and then having Donna over for lunch. A blast from the past eh? She rocks up on a freakin' giant motorbike, looking like Miss Thang... that's me being jealous haha. Was great to catch up with someone who knew me before babies, back when I had a brain. We raved for a couple of hours, before she picked her stepsons up from school (I know, she's a stepmom, what the??!!).
Andrew took the boys camping in Yanchep on Tuesday night. They had an awesome time with some of his uni mates. The saw some new wildlife and experienced the mosquitoes to the max. When Will got home I seriously thought he might have chicken pox, he has that many bites on him. Lochlain made a new friend, in one of the girls who is in Andrew's course, he fell asleep in her lap and stole her heart.
Will did his usual party trick of being up at the butt crack of dawn, so everyone was home early the next day.
For the rest of this week I have been trying to help out a friend who just had her 2nd baby, albeit a little earlier than expected so they were caught a bit short on being totally ready. We did the tribe day and got her house cleaned and stuff sorted for her to come home to. It feels awesome to be part of a community that supports other mums in their early postpartum period, so that the transition to a larger family can be a little easier for all involved.
In the middle of all this I have done three talks at JHC for the ABA in the antenatal classes of an evening. It's been a great chance to get my head back on track with being involved in consumer groups and volunteer work that all lends towards helping me achieve my ultimate goal of midwife/lactation consultancy.
The one I did last week went really well I though, then this Wednesday night I totally bombed out, but I think I was just truthfully too tired, and in hindsight I should have cancelled. Thursday night I totally nailed it and felt like I really had a great grip on what it is I am meant to be doing. Small steps, but I am getting there.
Today we finally caught up with Lochlain's speech pathologist for his review, and she is sending another referral off to PMH to see the feeding team as we are still having some major issues with his eating/talking/behaviour/development stuff. I explained to her the problems I had earlier in the year with a paed. at PMH and she understood my concern and has detailed that in the referral so that I don't have to go through it all again.
Then to top of some crazy background stuff we find out that Nan broke her hip last night. She a prosthesis done this morning and I spoke to Aunty Lyn tonight who is with her and I said I will call over the weekend, but I don't really know how it happened, Kate said she fell or something. I will send flowers tomorrow, and some 'happy thoughts' but from here there isn't much else I can do right now.
Phew, got that all out. I am off to zone out with the telly. I am exhausted and am heading into the hills again tomorrow.
Peace out. x x x
Oh and here is a token photo of Tristan.... just cos he is yum.


BratMama said...

Now those are some booby-boy cheeks. So cute... and lovely to read an update from you all.

Fruitarian Girl Art said...

You are inspiration, write a book