Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tristan and I

Tristan is now 11 weeks old. Time flies when you're having fun! This was taken on Sunday at friend's place at a creative session... will show you the finished artwork soon. It was an amazing day hanging out with some very talented women, and kids having a great day with Dad while I had some *time out* with Tristan.

We had a playdate gathering here today, and it was chaos but the kids had a ball and somebody (ahem named Will) was asleep very early after being on the go all day. Rose and Michael stayed last night, and Will was so excited to wake and find his aunty and uncle asleep in his room, and here to play some more.

The house is really starting to come along now, with thanks to help from Vicki I have my patio back under control, and the *JB Women* gave me a hand doing some weeding today while the kids played and we had coffee and cake. Oh, and Vic, the zuchini and pineapple chutney was a total hit today, and I need to score some more soon, cos that jar was opened and eaten in less than a day. Mmmmm.

My next plan is create an art space in the shed again, and set it up so that we can use it as a space to manifest perfection in art, or at least dabble in creativity and crafty activities for the kids on a more regular basis. I am waiting on some supplies to arrive so I can complete my gifts to give to my doulas, I will post some pics when they are finished too. I finally finished writing my last birth story, so I will post that up when I get a chance, it's pretty long, despite it being a short labour. I guess I just like writing hey, heehee.

Yay for having my sanity back!

We are planning to head to CityFarm on Saturday, a train ride for the boys and a chance for me to have a look at permaculture and market stalls... yay. I think we have plans to be out and about every day for the next few days so we are going to have some tired boys of an afternoon and a mama keen for a hot bath and a cup of tea.

Well after a busy day it's time for me to go to bed I think. Tristan has had a whiney afternoon, and Lochlain just wants cuddles. Will is snoring away next to me on the couch, looking all beautiful and quiet.

Peace out

x B

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