Friday, October 19, 2007

Spring Is Well And Truly Here

It's late. I should be in bed. I really should. Tristan started my day at about 5am, but here I am browsing the web and mucking around with some photos... feeling a little jaded about the online world tonight after a much loved community has almost imploded in it's own ego, and sold out, leaving me feeling rather gutted. Oh well, have to find a new home, and get my groove back elsewhere.
We spent the morning in Freo today, hanging out with some other funky mamas, having a coffee and a play out in the spring sunshine. It was fantastic, but of course I got sunburnt rather badly... hmmm not a nice tan. Naughty mama, not wearing a hat.
It was great to be out and about, and I picked up a new wrap. Yes, the sling addiction continues. I bought a Gyspy Mama today from Karritree Lane, as I am going to sell my HAB after a very short love affair with the jersey wraps I have decided that I need a lighter weight fabric going into summer, and I would prefer something that I could get wet and have it dry much quicker. Tristan also got a matching hat to go with it, so we look like the cool crew!
The weather is certainly turning it on of late, and we have some flowers starting to appear in random pockets of the garden. It's great for inspiring the useless gardener in me, and I am committed to getting my yard looking neat as before summer is here. I have some pots that are begging for Aloe Vera and Agave. I want to fill in some gaps out the front with more shrubs but am still undecided on what will fit with my "more natives" plan. I am loving that the boys have such an awesome yard to play in, with a great deal of shaded patio area, it makes for a great play date setting and a fantastic fruit eating spot!
The big boys are really into helping out with Tristan now and finding ways to be "mums" to Ted and Baybee. Ted is here on holidays while Grandma and Ron are in Sinagpore. Will has taken to slinging him around the place to keep him settled, and when he needs a mummy milk, Will obliges and faux feeds him. A little AP in the making. Lochie has adopted Will's Baybee in the interim but he is not fussed on being a slinging dada, he prefers to use a stroller and race around the yard, speed freak that one! Here is my slinging boy with Ted in his pouch.
Lochlain is known here as the key thief, and the addition of our new "busy shelf" for keys and wallets could not have come at a better time. Lochlain has added to his "Escape Ariste" repetoire and now knows how to get out of the dead bolted front door and into my car, in less than 30 seconds mind you. So the keys are now as high as they can be, and Mr Houdini is on 24 hour watch. Here's a pic of him in action, cheeky monkey. Sigh, I think it's time I hit the hay. As much as my brain is still ticking I am sure that I will benefit from an extra hour or two's sleep rather than sitting here mucking about. Oh, and a bit of *fluff* news, I have taken over giving the ABA info talks for the antenatal classes at the local hospital. It's 3 nights a month, and it's only about 25 minutes of giving people a heads up on where/how/why/when to get breastfeeding support. I am stoked, I feel like I am back on track with helping women out, and getting out and about doing what I want to do, empower women. It will all count towards my training as a counsellor, and as I get further along in my chosen career path it will all count towards me becoming a Lactation Consultant. That's right, the mad breastfeeder is choosing to move into paid work eventually to talk all day about something I have done for almost 4 years already! I have finished up my state government contract, so I am not working at the moment, which is allowing me to focus on my volunteer work a bit more, and giving me more flexibilty in steering myself towards my *ideal* career path. I have applied for direct entry midwifery next year at Curtin, and failing gaining entry into that (which is highly likely as I am only eligible for 1 of 9 places), I am in line for a nursing degree with ECU, to get through that and then do a post grad in midwifery. Yep, that's right. I want to catch babies, and help women boob on. Geez, whooda thunk that's where I would find my passion?! Ha, yep. I am sure I mentioned going to bed... I am certain of it. Well I better head to it... it's looking nice and cosy and I am reading a couple of great books at the moment so I may just sneak a peek into them before I shut my eyes. Night all, and have a fantastic weekend. I know I plan to! x B

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