Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Making Positive Progress

I had a great birthday in the end. Spent a bit of money (okay - a lot of money) at Ikea, and took myself out for lunch. We got some great stuff to get the house a bit more organised. Having a family of 5 has suddenly made me realise how much I value space, and how it's really something you have to conserve in a house to keep it sane. We have finished off the boys room for now, and you can actually see the floor!! I am pretty happy with how it is, and would like to change a few things as we go... but there is no real hurry for it, as they have beds and toys, what more do they need? Aesthetics to 4 and 2 year olds really mean nothing. Tristan's room has curtains, finally, and it looks like a proper nursery. I guess it's just a room for his day sleeps as he gets bigger and a space that as is his, other than that it doesn't really get used. I am hoping to post some pictures of how awesome the interior is starting to look now that I have got my act together and escaped the PND fog for what's seems like the final time. I was struck down horrifically last week by horrendous mastitis and spent a couple of days feeling really sorry for myself, and unable to do much do to the fever and the shakes. Don't you hate it when you just can't get warm? I resorted to a course of antibiotics, and am being very cautious about how often I am feeding Tristan, just to make sure I am not encouraging any blocked ducts. We had a massive breakthrough with Lochlain's speech in the last couple of weeks. He has added some two syllable words to his vocabulary, so we now have Bebe (Baby), Mummy(Money), and Beep Beep. We are getting there slowly. He is making much more of an effort to communicate with us non verbally, and his expression is done mostly in his hands and his face. Learning to read his cues is such a challenge, but we make do with what we can. He is making great progress with toilet training at the moment too, so it seems we are on the up and up with him. Not being pregnant allows me so much more patience with him, and I think he is really benefitting from me being able to play down at his level more. We spent yesterday morning at the park with some friends, and Will is now learning stunts and tricks. He is really keen on doing the more hardcore, physical, risk taking, co-ordination exercises that come naturally to kids. He is covered in scrapes and bruises, but it's all learning to him. Learning about his own capabilities and exercising his autonomy in deciding what he can and can't do. For me, it's scary to watch, but so far I am managing to just sit back and let him take stacks. He is really starting to come out of his shell and interact with other children on a far more physical level which is awesome. Tristan is just growing up. Already smiling and gooing at me. We are still weighing and measuring him just so I can grin about how fat he is. He only has one more appointment with the paediatrician as a follow up from when he had the Staph infection 6 weeks ago, but other than that we are in the clear with him. His toenails seem to be completely healed, and I am really vigilant about keeping them short and clean to avoid a repeat infection. He may need to see a surgeon at some stage about having the nail bed cut or something, but for as long as it remains no ingrown, it's less of a drama. Andrew is about 8 weeks away from the end of semester, and we can't wait. We are finally able to see the light at the end of the tunnel with this degree, and in a year's time he will be a quialified primary school teacher. It's going to be awesome for him to move out into the workforce again, but this time in a role that he is going to enjoy and really wants to be a part of. Exams this year are probably going to be a bit of a stress, but like every year we will just bite the bullet and get through it as a family... lots of stress and door slamming no doubt. Haha. Me, well I am reading some great books right now. Currently have my nose buried in Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering by Sarah J Buckley, and am about to start Money, Milk and Madness by Baumslag and Michels. Yes I do read a lot of activist/feminist/political texts but it's really keeping my brain spinning and I enjoy the challenge of adressing my preconceptions on certain issues. Tomorrow is a work day, and the rest of the week is free to hang out at the park with the boys, and maybe even do a rockpools visit if the weather is clear enough. I think we have a gathering to go to on Sunday that will involve painting banners and bags with handprints. They might end out being part of presents for people *hahaha*. Waiting on Fay to have her baby so I can head down to Bunbury and do her dishes and make a meal or two for her. She is about a week "over due" now, but as we all know, the baby doesn't come until *it* decides it's ready. So I am just waiting on a phonecall to let me know how big he is! Right, off to see if I can get some photos of the house uploaded for you all, and maybe a few of the boys! I have an article to finish writing and it's due tonight, so I better get to it. *eek* x B

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Fay said...

So great to see things start to fall into place Brooke,
Keep up the great work!!