Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Morning Coffee Update

Here are a couple of pics of the lads, just so you can see how beautiful they are.
We are spending the day having a friend and her son over as it's raining and playgroup did not seem appealing today. Will probably spend most of the morning on the phone making appointment bookings and trying to get the car in for a service.
We have another busy week planned, and as I am working again the weeks revolve around keeping the domestic world under control.
This weekend is my birthday, but as with every year it is overshadowed by the AFL Grand Final, so we won't be doing anything.
We are making plans this week to go to Dongara for Ava's first birthday on the first weekend of November, and Will is going to have a joint birthday with her. Can't wait, as it will be our first trip in a LONG time. We get to sit on the beach and doing absolutely nothing for 3 days, I can't wait!!!
Andrew has a week off this week, so I think he is planning on doing some "Dad and boys stuff", like going swimming and playing golf. It will be the first break he has had since before Tristan was born, so it's going to be awesome to just slow down for a few days and really get to hang out as a family of 5.
Well, off to make a coffee and try and attack some of the washing pile (also known as Mt Foldmore) that is staring at me, begging to be folded. Hope everyone has a fantastic week, and I will update again soon.
Love to all.

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